Collaboration with Diaspora Co.

Five Morsels of Love + Diaspora Turmeric

A book of heirloom Andhra recipes with heirloom Andhra turmeric packaged in heirloom Andhra Ikat. 

This collaboration with Diaspora Co. offers a limited edition run of sustainably farmed powdered turmeric along with the second edition of Five Morsels of Love. Diaspora Co. is a radically inclusive spice company that is putting money in the hands of Indian farmers. Their heirloom, single origin, all organic turmeric is grown in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and has a very high curcumin content (the anti-inflammatory good stuff!)

We are very proud to be the first place in India to make Diaspora Co. turmeric available.

Each order includes
- The second edition of Five Morsels of Love
- 100g of Powdered Single Origin Diaspora Co. Turmeric in an Ikat Pouch

Sold out.